5 of My Favorite Things at the Oak Ridge Winter Farmers Market

You may know that Oak Ridge has a wonderful summer farmers market in Jackson Square, but many folks are surprised to hear we have a thriving, indoor Winter Farmers Market as well. It [...]

Explore Oak Ridge Parks

The City of Oak Ridge is home to nearly 20 city parks, numerous sports fields, a skate park, and a dog park.

8 Amazing Rowing Facts

In the rowing world, Oak Ridge is known for having one of the country's best training waterways available....

Secret City Festival – An Oak Ridge Original

The original concept for the festival began in 1982 as the Azalea Festival, a small one-day arts and crafts show ...

University of Tennessee Arboretum Society

The UT Arboretum was founded in 1964 when the Atomic Energy Commission donated over 2200 acres...

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Secrets of the Manhattan Project, Part 2

There were many secrets kept surrounding the Manhattan Project during World War II...

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Secrets of the Manhattan Project, Part 1

As early as November 1942, when construction of Oak Ridge first began with the Administration Building, this area was known as...

Oak Ridge Rowing: Holistically Invigorating

East Tennessee is popular for a number of outdoor activities, including hiking, boating, and fishing. But one sport in particular brings...

4 Fun Ways to Get Dirty in Oak Ridge

Some folks like their thrills faster, muddier, and off the beaten path. Visitors to Oak Ridge, Tennessee will discover that this area offers some of the finest off-road trails...

5 Reasons Rowing Teams Love Oak Ridge

Thousands of rowers travel to Oak Ridge every year to train and compete at Melton Lake, one of the best rowing venues in the nation.

7 Innovations from Oak Ridge that Transformed the World

Renowned for its role in producing the first atomic bomb, Oak Ridge, Tennessee made its mark in history during World War II.

11 Family-Friendly Activities to Check Out in Oak Ridge

If you’re searching for a fun, affordable family getaway, check out Oak Ridge, Tennessee! Nestled in East Tennessee, America’s Secret City...

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