Oak Ridge is full of family-friendly activities that allow people to let their creativity flow and broaden their minds. What’s better than combining both fun and education? There are a number of museums in Oak Ridge TN for both children and adults that challenge their way of thinking through hands-on activities and art exhibits. For an afternoon filled with fun, education, and art, check out these top 3 museums in Oak Ridge TN:

1. The American Museum of Science and Energy

The American Museum of Science and Energy is a fun outing for the whole family. The museum is known as one of the best science museums in the southeast, and you’ll want to check out why! Through diverse exhibits, visitors can learn more about energy, atomic science, national security and research, and how important moments in history often involve scientific breakthroughs! In addition, the museum shows how STEM education is applied in real-world settings and is perfect for STEM teachers trying to plan an inspiring science field trip. There are plenty of innovative, hands-on learning opportunities that visitors won’t forget. So, if you’re looking for an afternoon of educational fun, head to the American Museum of Science and Energy.

2. Oak Ridge Children’s Museum

Oak Ridge Children’s Museum is the perfect combination of fun and learning. Families love bringing their kids to the museum for an afternoon full of family-friendly activities and innovative learning opportunities. Have a fun family outing exploring more than 20,000 artifacts showcased in more than 20 interactive exhibits. Kids will have the opportunity to learn more about history, culture, Appalachian music, geography, and the environment, and participate in activities such as pottery and gardening. One of the more popular exhibits is The Dollhouse, a two-story, life-sized dollhouse! Children can “cook” in the kitchen, read a book in the living room and more! Another popular attraction is the Waterworks Exhibit. Kids can experience a hands-on flume that demonstrates the locks on the Tennessee River and feel what it’s like to run a tugboat on the river! There is also a Healthy Living Exhibit at the children’s museum that promotes healthy eating to children through play using toy vegetables and fruit, and has child-friendly exercise equipment to encourage families to keep fit through movement. Come spend the day at this entertaining museum and let your kids explore their creativity! The museum is also home to the Manhattan Project National Historical Park’s visitor center and headquarters, where visitors can find information about the Manhattan Project and the historical park.

3. Oak Ridge Art Center

The Oak Ridge Art Center is perfect for those who want to experience the joy of visual art expressions. The Oak Ridge Art Center features galleries with a variety of rotating exhibits. All of the different exhibits include artist statements about the meaning of the work to help with your understanding. Not only are there amazing galleries, but the Art Center offers classes and workshops, from basic classes to sophisticated classes for advanced students. You can learn about fine art and craft media, or perfect your skills. Like many places in Oak Ridge, there is a rich history behind the Art Center. When Oak Ridge was founded, individuals needed somewhere to socialize and express their creativity. Art brought people together, and in 1952, a small group of individuals came together and created the Oak Ridge Community Art Center.

You won’t regret exploring these 3 museums in Oak Ridge TN. Learn more ways to explore the culture of Oak Ridge and start planning your visit today!