Without Ed Westcott, the Secret City Would Have Stayed Secret

The story of the Manhattan Project would be lost to history without the work of Oak Ridge’s own renowned photographer Ed Westcott. Our city has gained international recognition for its work in the top-secret assignment -- and continues to solve some of the world’s critical challenges to this day with our innovations -- [...]

Who Were the Calutron Girls of Oak Ridge?

One of the most iconic photographs from the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge, TN features two rows of women sitting in front of imposingly large machines covered with meters and dials. Taken by the legendary photographer Ed Westcott, this picture captures a typical day for the “Calutron Girls,” the women charged with [...]

John Hendrix: The Prophet of Oak Ridge

John Hendrix is one of the most indelible characters in the history of Oak Ridge, TN. Considered a “mystic” by his neighbors in rural Anderson County, Hendrix had a number of visions in the early 1900s that were seemingly proven to be accurate by future events. Hendrix is most famous for allegedly [...]

3 Fascinating Stories from the Manhattan Project

3 Fascinating Stories from the Manhattan Project Oak Ridge, TN has a history unlike anywhere else in the world! Known as the “Secret City” during World War II, Oak Ridge was the epicenter of the Manhattan Project. To help you prepare for your visit to Oak Ridge, we are sharing three of [...]

Inside the Secret City: The Photography of Ed Westcott

Inside the Secret City: The Photography of Ed Westcott In 1944, a billboard outside of Oak Ridge, TN contained a warning from a grimacing Uncle Sam, “Loose Talk Helps Our Enemy. So, Let’s Keep Our Trap Shut.” As the principal site of the Manhattan Project, the American-led effort to develop an atomic [...]