By Erin Edwards, Pet Treater

Oak Ridge, the once secret city that helped end WWII, is a city with many hidden delights. Hopefully, you have heard of many, but maybe you did not realize that taking your dog along would make the trip even better!!

We love trying to find amazing things to do in Eastern Tennessee because, well we just love our state and we love to share it with our fur babies! So let us take a “dog-fun” field trip in Oak Ridge and see where it leads us:

  1. Secret City Commemorative Walk: This Walk is a small circular pathway featuring ten tablets that do a great job summing up the nuggets of information you will love to know during your day trip in Oak Ridge. The Walk is located in A.K. Bissell Park and will take you about 15 minutes, longer if you stop to pet all the doggies and allow your doggie to sniff some new friends—which we HIGHLY recommend! The tablets are made of bronze and each one gives information on how Oak Ridge aided in ending the war.
  2. International Friendship Bell: This historical monument contains images representing friendship and peace between Japan and the United States, the cast is 8,000 pounds of bronze–WOW. It is just a little way down from the Commemorative Walk, so your fur baby will just love the brisk walk! Yes, you are allowed to ring it. Personally, my dog would go nuts, but why not, give it a ring!!!
  3. Food, food and more food. Well, there is always room for food! There are several restaurants that love to see your fur baby coming their way! We have visited a few and wanted to offer a “paws up” for their kindness in letting the fur babies join in! The Other One Diner is a great place to get American-Style favorites and to sit outside with your “best friend”. Aubrey’s is another great favorite that loves to encourage you to bring you fur baby and have some good eats on their great patio!
  4. One thing Tennessee is never in shortage of: lakes and places to swim. Remember dogs typically love to swim. We are thankful for all the lakes we have, but one we have gone to several times in Oak Ridge with our doggie is Melton Lake Park. It has great fishing, picnic areas, and swimming areas! Your doggo will love to take a dip with you!
  5. Let us NOT forget that Oak Ridge, being rich in history and loving the sweet fur babies, likes to get involved with their community. We were excited to join in the festivities at the Cars For Canines on Saturday August 22nd, 2020 and it was an amazingly fun day full of yummy food, wonderful vendors, awesome music, and Cars and off COURSE all the canines you could hope for and Smoky Mountain Dock Dogs was there too!! An amazing fundraiser for the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter and Anderson County Humane Society, that is sure to become an annual favorite in Oak Ridge.

While there are undoubtedly more fur-loving things to do in Oak Ridge, TN and definitely in Eastern Tennessee, we are getting dog-tired on this day trip and need a dog-nap and a few treats to eat! We come to you with great treats here at Pet Treater, a monthly subscription box for your cats and dogs.

If you have not given Pet Treater a try, we are proud to say we are also from Eastern Tennessee (Johnson City by way of Knoxville too) and love to support our local communities and share the fun things to do around here with your dog and cat in mind! We cater to the pet furmily by providing wonderful USA made treats and amazing fun toys straight to your door for both cats and dogs, monthly! Give us a look and see what we have to offer.

Always remember, time with your furmily is time VERY well spent!