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Well hello there! I’m Katie and I’ve been living here in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (the Secret City) since the 1940s. I worked on the Manhattan Project as one of Oak Ridge’s famous Calutron Girls back then, but now that the war is over, we’re ready to share our secrets with everyone. Join me as I show you everything our wonderful little hidden gem in the south has to offer!

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The Museum of Appalachia

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I’ve been just about everywhere in Oak Ridge at one time or another, and so a few years ago I decided to start documenting my adventures! Check out some of my videos covering a wide range of interests, and look for new and exciting adventures each month!

Manhattan Project National Historical Park Episodes

x-10 Graphite Reactor
What is a Calutron Girl?
K-25 History Center

Life in Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project

Grove Theater
Oak Ridge Playhouse
Alexander Guest House
Chapel on The Hill
Historic Jackson Square
Hutments & The Scarboro 85

Exploring Oak Ridge, Today!

American Museum of Science & Energy
Big Ed's Pizza
Windrock Park
Staying Cool in Oak Ridge
The Oak Ridge History Museum
Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary
The Oak Ridge Children’s Museum
The International Friendship Bell
The Oak Ridge Playhouse
The Prophet of Oak Ridge

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