Written by Sophie Becknell

John Marquis, the owner of Adventures Outdoors located at Melton Lake Park and Norris Paddling Adventures at Norris Dam Marina, was featured in an interview on a recent episode of The Fishing Guide Podcast, episode 62, with Brad Wiegmann.

The two discuss Marquis’ businesses and the variety of options that are available to rent as well as which kayaks or paddle boards might be the best options used for fishing. They also dive into Marquis’ experience working with L.L. Bean for 12 years and how that experience influenced him as an outdoorsman and conservationist.  John said, “we are responsible for our environment and we are responsible for ourselves and it doesn’t take much to pick up whatever you bring in and take it out with you”.

Not only do they talk about Marquis and the options he offers, they also discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has positively impacted his businesses, bringing in new customers that are wanting to get outside and on the river to explore.

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